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DocNotes provides medical note apps for clinicians via mobile devices. In the first instance, a pocket guide for Intensive Care Unit professionals has been made available for iPhone and iPad. Other specialties, and devices, will be added in the following months.

Version 2.1 now available

Posted on by Dal Sandhu

Version 2.1, which has bug fixes for iOS 5.0 to 6.1, is now available. Please email us at: if you have any problems.

Version 2.1 in review

Posted on by Dal Sandhu

Version 2.1, which has bug fixes for iOS 5.0 to 6.1, is with Apple waiting for review. Version 2.0 has been reinstated in the app store for users with iOS 7.0.

Version 2 not available

Posted on by Dal Sandhu

We regret to say that there have been problems when running version 2 on devices with iOS 6 and earlier.

Specifically, the starting page is blank unless the app is closed and reopened, and detail pages are blank when navigated from the Search. We have temporarily removed the app from the store and will reactivate it once we have fixed these problems. This should be over the coming weekend.

We hope this hasn't caused too much inconvenience.

Version 2 is now available

Posted on by Dal Sandhu

Version 2 has been approved by Apple and is now available on the app store.

Version 2 In Review

Posted on by Dal Sandhu

Today we have posted version 2 of the app onto the appstore for review by Apple.

This version includes additional microbiology and critical care pharmacology modules which have been developed with the help of colleagues of Dr Thavasothy to whom we are enormously grateful. In addition, various bugs have been fixed when displaying the app on an iPhone 5 and we have optimised the behaviour and display for iOS version 7.

Lack of availability in the US

Posted on by Dal Sandhu

We regret to say that the app is currently not available to clinicians in the United States. This is because we have been unable so far to gain the necessary insurance or indemnities for this region. We are actively seeking this at the current time and shall inform all those who have been in touch if there is any change in this situation. Until that time, we apologise to all those clinicians in the US that wish to use the app but are unable to do so.

Review of iCU Notes on GasCast
"...vast amount of useful stuff..."

Posted on by Dal Sandhu

The iCU Notes App was reviewed in the latest informative and entertaining 'GasCast' broadcast which covers health topics too numerous to mention in this note. The broadcast is available here. The review is 7 minutes and 38 seconds into Episode 7...

Version 1.1 now available

Posted on by Dal Sandhu

Apple have approved this version. New downloads of the App will run on iOS 3.0+

App Update iOS 3.0 - Waiting for Review

Posted on by Dal Sandhu

Apple have updated the status of the iOS 3.0+ version to 'Waiting for Review'.

This new version of the app may be reviewed and accepted by Apple before Christmas, but this is unlikely. We anticipate that this version will be available early in the New Year, but will update this blog as soon as we have any news.

App Update iOS 3.0 - Submitted

Posted on by Dal Sandhu

We have rebuilt the app to target iOS 3.0+ and submitted this to the app store. There would therefore be no need to update the iOS to run the app as long as you have iOS 3.0 or later.

Installation note

Posted on by Dal Sandhu

iCU Notes runs on iOS 5.0 which means you will need to download this latest version to your device if it is not already installed.

If you do need to update your iOS, you may wish to consider backing up the content on your device before you do so. Instructions for backing up devices are here.

iCU Notes available for download

Posted on by Dal Sandhu

The iCU Notes app is now available for download from the app store. If you have not done so already, please download the app, rate it in the app store, and send us some feedback!

The app is available on iTunes here.

iCU Notes - in review

Posted on by Dal Sandhu

The iCU Notes app was packaged and submitted today for review by Apple. We therefore hope to have the (free) app available in the App Store before Christmas.

iCU Notes

Posted on by Murali Thavasothy

The iCU Notes app is now ready for packaging and submission for distribution via the app store.

Details of app store advert are as follows:

iCU Notes is a critical care handbook aimed at all clinicians, nursing staff and allied health professionals who work in critical care, as well as those working on acute medical and surgical wards.

It is designed to be used as a pocket guide to improve knowledge and understanding of critical care concepts. In conjunction with senior medical review, it can also be used to help formulate diagnostic and management strategies for critically ill patients.

DocNotes Ltd created

Posted on by Dal Sandhu

DocNotes Ltd will be the vehicle by which pocket guide apps will be created and distributed to clinicians across a number of specialties and mobile devices.

First on the list is to be a pocket guide for Critical Care Unit professionals. This guide will incorporate training notes developed by Dr Murali Thavasothy.